Academic Dean

Missio Dei School is seeking an Academic Dean to oversee its study and learning development
process. The Academic Dean will provide academic leadership and report directly to the
President of the School. The Dean is responsible for, but not limited to, academic planning,
improvement of program, curriculum, teaching, scholarship and service, recruitment of faculty,
faculty development and evaluation, student recruitment, advising, budget development, and
allocation of resources.

Qualifications: (including but not limited to):

  • Master’s degree preferred in the field of Christian Education, Theology, Biblical Studies,
    Spiritual Formation, or Practical Theology. Bachelor’s degree required.

  • Experience in teaching.

  • Administrative experience in higher education preferred.

  • Understanding of the design and development of college level study process with
    spiritual formation and character development implementation.

  • Working knowledge of the Russian language is preferred.

  • Knowledge and agreement with the Slavic / Russian Baptist theological doctrines.

The Dean shall:

  1. oversee and direct the Missio Dei School study process;

  2. provide leadership, working with the faculty and volunteers, to achieve the mission of the
    School in the areas of teaching, spiritual formation, evangelism and service;

  3. represent and promote MDS both internally and externally;

  4. implement policies and rules in the academic and student life areas established by the

  5. provide leadership in the area of faculty recruitment and scheduling of classes;

  6. ensure orientation of all new faculty and adjunct faculty;

  7. oversee the budget of the School and facilitate fundraising opportunities;

  8. seek and apply for grants;

  9. oversee educational process including the students’ records, their grades, and completed
    assignments / projects;

  10. facilitate possible agreements with local colleges and universities for official credit

  11. evaluate faculty performance and assess student progress;

  12. perform regular yearly overview of the program;

  13. oversee school’s web-site, newsletter, other communication and recruit necessary help to
    ensure smooth operation of school’s media;

  14. advise students and respond to their academic concerns;

  15. seek connection and establish relationships with other similar organizations.

This position can be a volunteer position or a contract agreement. If interested, inquire by

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